House Washing

House Washing

Fall/Winter SALE! Flat Rate Basic House Washing 1-Story House $129 & 2-Story House $179

Maintaining a clean home can help you along well in every other aspect of your life. While most people think about cleaning the interior of their home, most neglect their exterior property surfaces. The outer appearance of your home makes a cortical first impression to visitors & civilians, that’s why you should always perform cleaning.

Aside from the aesthetic value of a clean exterior, bacteria & other harmful substances can begin to degrade the exterior finish of your over time. The best way to solve this issue is by hiring a reliable service provider who can carry out a house washing application for you.

At Kendrick Property Services, we believe in offering high-quality services that offer our customers real value. We have years of experience in the home maintenance industry which allows us to provide industry-leading services at affordable rates.

Our house washing procedures consist of cleaning solutions & thorough dirt remediation. We use cutting-edge tools which allow us to effectively remove dirt from the exterior surface of your home without putting its structural integrity in jeopardy.

We provide full insurance for all of our services, so you are always protected under any circumstance. If you would like to get a free estimate, feel free to contact us & we will be glad to set you up with an appointment.

We offer industry-leading house washing services to all property owners located in & around Brandon, MS.

Kendrick Property Services is here to help you maintain a strong, distinct, & safe home exterior. Regardless of how large or small your home may be, we are equipped to get the job done right every time.

Don’t waste any more time and protect your home from exterior damage by hiring Kendrick Property Services to give your house a bath!

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