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Your home is a place of comfort for you and your family, like with anything in life over time the quality of your property may begin to decline. A poorly maintained residential property can put the health and safety of your family in serious jeopardy. The most common causes of residential property degradation relate to factors such as mold, foundation problems, insect infestations, & structural damage.

To resolve issues like this you will need to hire a professional property maintenance service provider who will be able to assist you. At Kendrick Property Services, we provide full residential property maintenance services that ensure the safety of your home & family.

Our residential property services include:

Regardless of the size of your property, we have all the right tools, knowledge, & equipment necessary to get the job done right. All our residential property services are covered by our 100% service satisfaction guarantee which protects you from shoddy work or poor customer service. If you can’t see a difference you don’t pay.

At Kendrick Property Services, we pride ourselves on offering our customers high-quality services that are effective. We offer free estimates and demonstrations for anyone who is interested in our residential care services, simply give us a call schedule an appointment for your free estimate.

By applying regular cleaning and maintenance applications to your residential property on an incremental basis, you will be able to avoid serious issues which may appear later down the road as well as keeping your property looking its best.

We possess comprehensive skills which allows us to approach each job on an individual basis. By doing this we provide customized solutions that directly target the issues you’re facing.

Kendrick Property Services is your go to service provider when you’re looking for quality residential care services at affordable prices!

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